Literal Sinkhole Opens on White House Grounds

Apparently a literal sinkhole has opened up on the White House grounds and is growing.   A similar sinkhole opened near Mar-a-Lago last year.     Perhaps the universe is trying to send a message?

From Quartz:

And as of this past weekend, a sinkhole has been growing on the north lawn, Voice of America reporter Steve Herman observed, just near the press briefing room...
“It was noticeably bigger between Sunday and Monday,” Herman said. “It’s more than a foot long right now,” he said. A second sinkhole has opened up right next to it, he said.

Rudy Giuliani Eats His Own Words

What a disaster of an interview.    If the President had some sense, this is the guy he should fire.  Also, apparently using one's own words against them is now considered "unfair".  

I have an easy solution.  Don't say stupid things constantly. 

Rudy Giuliani melts down when Cuomo plays clip of him saying presidents must obey subpoaenas

The Mueller Investigation - One Year In

Nice infographic here from FiveThirtyEight, comparing the lengths of Special Investigations in Washington,  along with the numbers of indictments and guilty pleas for each.

Take one look at this, and tell me again that THIS is the investigation that has gone on "far too long", and is "the greatest witch hunt in American History".    Thought so.