Sunset from the deck of a cruise ship

For all of you out there who need twenty minutes of relaxation, I bring you this video from Youtuber Tim Byer.   This view is legitimately one of my favorite things in the world.   I'm glad someone decided to capture it on video at it's full length.

Open a Window,  let the warm breeze in, make yourself your favorite cocktail, and play this one on the big screen.   Instant serenity.  Enjoy.

Spider Man: Into the Spider-verse Trailer... WOW.

I LOVED the first trailer for this project, but this one totally blew my tiny little mind!

The animation style of Spider Man Into The Spider-Verse reminds me a bit of Disney's "Paperman" on SPEED.  Paperman was an early test by Disney to try and make full CG animation with an almost hand-drawn look.   This has some of that feel,  slotting somewhere between Hand-drawn,  stop-motion, and a modern CG Animated feature.   It's utterly gorgeous.   Check it out.

Terry Pratchett's "Troll Bridge" Trailer

I've waited all my life to see some of Terry Pratchett's Discworld series hit the big screen.    For those who don't know it,   Discworld is kind of a Monty Python-esque take on your typical "swords and sorcery" fantasy universe.   It has spanned dozens of books ranging from stories about wizards to stories about private detectives.

In 2011, there was a Kickstarter to put together a short film based on one of Pratchett's Discworld fables.   Recently the trailer for the film finally made it's way out.    And it looks like that signature Pratchett humor has made the transition well.

I can still hope to see a big budget version of a Discworld story one day,  but for now this is absolutely wonderful to see.