Sunset from the deck of a cruise ship

For all of you out there who need twenty minutes of relaxation, I bring you this video from Youtuber Tim Byer.   This view is legitimately one of my favorite things in the world.   I'm glad someone decided to capture it on video at it's full length.

Open a Window,  let the warm breeze in, make yourself your favorite cocktail, and play this one on the big screen.   Instant serenity.  Enjoy.

Royal Caribbean's updated CocoCay Private Island looks insane!

In much the same way Royal Caribbean's Oasis-class ships (the largest at sea currently) changed the face of the cruise industry,  RCCL is looking to change the face of the cruise line private island.

These Islands,  generally in the Bahamas, are company-owned beach retreats that make a nice day in the sun on a Caribbean cruise.    Carnival owns Amber Cove, Half Moon Cay, and Princess Cay.   RCCL owns CocoCay and Labadee.  And NCL owns Great Stirrup Cay and Harvest Caye, etc.   

They are all pretty similar.   Generally offering beautiful, white sand beaches with clear blue water.   Lots of chairs and umbrellas,  Sometimes a pool,  and almost always a place to eat and get some drinks.

RCCL is changing that up by making one of their private islands,  CocoCay,  into a full fledged attraction all it's own.   With a giant waterpark,  a hot air balloon ride,  and a piece of beach with it's own fresh water swimming area.   Check out the video below.   This is totally nuts.