The Imperial March in a Major Key is crazy!

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge music fan.   Also I am a bit of an amateur music theory nerd.    That being said,  I always tend to love artists who take super happy major key songs and turn them dark and depressing by transposing them into a minor key.

Surprisingly, I haven't seen much of the reverse.   And today I really wonder why that is,  because this is HYSTERICAL.   Laztozia on Soundcloud has transposed the ultimate villain theme "The Imperial March" from Star Wars into a major key.     This has had the effect of turning it from a foreboding march of evil into something almost.. Olympic-esque?   You just have to check it out.  Take a listen below, and please check out the rest of Laztozia's work.   It's fantastic.   I really enjoyed the X-Files one as well.