Axios Questions the Google Duplex Demo

This whole article by Dan Primack at Axios is ridiculous.   The calls were CLEARLY edited / cherry picked prior to the keynote just by the simple fact that the businesses did not identify themselves at the beginning of the call.   They were not done live on stage.   I thought this was blatantly obvious to everyone who was watching the demo.   Apparently not.

The people writing all the hot takes about how outraged they are today are in one of two camps.

1)  Feigning outrage for clicks.
2) Total morons who are unable to think logically.

Like everything else in a keynote,  it's a demo.   Judge the feature when and if it releases.  Until then it's a waste of time to get agitated about it.

Google Duplex

This is a massive technical achievement.   

Though is it inherently dishonest that an AI doesn't disclose itself as such to the other person on the phone?   It certainly seems that way.   

Then again, when an AI eventually IS capable of being entirely indistinguishable from a human,  shouldn't they be allowed the same rights as everyone else?   
We don't have to disclose that we are humans after all.

I never expected an app for making dinner reservations to elicit such a philosophical discussion.

Judge for yourself: