Apple NOT forced to open iPhone in separate New York case

The decision isn't binding on the case in california,  but it certainly helps to set a bit of legal precedent.   May also help with Apple's case in the court of public opinion.

I have a hard time understanding people who side with the US Government in this case.  Any chink in the iPhone's armor will be mercilessly exploited by every government across the globe.  If they are forced to write software to disable the passcode lock, or to backdoor into the encryption of the phone just once,  you will see requests flow in like a tidal wave from every other country who has to prosecute a "special case".   

Something tells me iOS 10 will see a huge increase in security to make sure that no one, not Apple or Governments alike, will be able to access an iPhone without the owners authorization.  Of course, at that point you will start to see the US Goverment try to legislate against encryption itself.    Things are about to get interesting.

A federal judge in Brooklyn says the FBI cannot force Apple to open a locked iPhone used by a suspected drug dealer.

The ruling is a boost to Apple in the public opinion war with the federal government over access to locked devices. Though it is not binding on a judge in California who is now considering the separate case of access to a locked iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers, it gives the company a leg up, and Apple will be sure to cite it in that ongoing dispute.
— NBC News