Ghostbusters 3 cast revealed

The Hollywood Reporter today reported on Director Paul Feig's twitter post naming the official  cast of the upcoming "Ghostbusters" reboot.

The all-new, all-female Ghostsbusters are here. Melissa McCarthy, who was already in talks for one of the leads, has signed on for the Paul Feig-directed reboot, and Sony is now negotiating with Kristen Wiig as well as Saturday Night Live players Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.”

Honestly I'm not sure how to feel about the casting.   On one hand, the people here that I'm familiar with are hilarious.  And from my discussions with others today, I have it on good authority the others are as well.    Also,  Bridesmaids was a super successful movie,  and quite funny in its own right, despite the fact that it was just basically the female Hangover.    

On the other hand,  Paul Feig's biggest hit Bridesmaids, is just that;  An all-female ripoff of an established property.   The casting to me seems less to do with the requirements of the story and more to draw headlines.   Unfortunately, whenever I see PR trumping story in the world of movies,  more often than not the product we get is lackluster at best.   Also, I wouldn't call Feig's second McCarthy collaboration "The Heat" much of a success.

I'm hoping for the best here, but I have a bad feeling about this one.