The CIA has released it's file on Saudi Involvement in 9/11, and it's HYSTERICAL!

Today after numerous FOIA requests and quite a bit of time, the CIA released a trove of documents relating to its investigations into the 9/11 terror attacks.  Included in the documents was a released document of the CIA's investigations into potential Saudi involvement in the attacks themselves.

Well. if you can call "released" when 90% of the document looks like that example page to the left.   No, that's not a joke.  Thats what the document actually looks like.

In fact there is only a single un-redacted paragraph in the entire document,  and to be honest, it doesn't say much of anything.

To read the entirety of the "document" please visit Gawker where they have the entire PDF embedded.

What ever happened to that whole "Most Transparent Government Ever" Thing?  Yeah, I dont know either.