Teslas are the future, whether you like it or not.

I'm not usually much of a fan of obviously marketing-based viral videos.  Generally videos that TRY to be "viral" succeed in only being annoying.  I will however, make an exception for this.  

Showing off the acceleration of the newest iteration of the Tesla Model S, this video shows the reactions of people being rocketed from 0-60 in the Tesla's new "insane" acceleration mode.  This, I would assume is something akin to launch control on your average supercar.   It's a fun video to watch, and it makes me want to take a ride in a Tesla (as the Tesla marketers would want).  But, I have a slightly deeper takeaway from all of this.   It's now clear that the future of the automotive industry is going to eventually be electric;  gas prices be damned.

It's not very long ago that the words electric car were synonymous with thoughts of slow, stripped down, lame vehicles that made a Toyota Prius seem like an exciting drive.  Now, we are facing a world where if you want real performance you are going to WANT to go electric.  Simply because electric motors driven at the wheel will be able to provide way more power and torque than any gas engine ever will.  You won't want to get an electric car to save the earth, you will want to get an electric car because you will smoke anything else on the road off the line.   Once you get the gearheads interested,  it's only a matter of time.