Is Apple Watch's 3d Touch Tech coming to the iPhone?

This makes nothing but sense to me.   If this technology works as well as I've been hearing, its a no brainer to bring it to iPhone.   Something tells me this will eventually tie into what Apple is doing with that stylus for the "iPad Pro".   Pressure sensitivity via touch or stylus throughout the OS would be a game-changer for artists who like to paint or sketch on an iPad or iPhone.   From Cult of Mac:

Apple Watch will borrow a lot of tech from the iPhone when it ships in April, but according to a new rumor from supply chain sources in China, Apple is planning to bring one of its wearable’s coolest features to the next iPhone.
The Economic Daily News has reported that Apple is considering adding ‘3D touch’ technology to the iPhone 6s, similar to Apple Watch’s Force Touch. According to the sources, Apple’s is planning to tap US-based Avago Tech as the main supplier for the iPhone 6S 3D touch technology.
The report doesn’t fully explain how Apple will implement the technology on the iPhone 6s, but if it’s the same as Apple Watch, the new displays will use tiny electrodes to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press to trigger contextually specific controls.
— Cult of Mac