INSPIRATION OF THE DAY - February 4th, 2015

Today's inspiration comes in the form of the hauntingly beautiful portraiture of photographer Lee Jeffries.   The Christ-like figure above is actually an example of Jeffries' street portraiture of homeless individuals.   Apparently he spends quite a bit of time exploring the streets of countries throughout the world, seeking out these interesting characters.   After speaking with them for a time, and paying them for their time, he produces a stunning portrait of them.

Some people have said that this work is exploitative of the homeless who are desperate for cash.  I think more than anything that this work is exactly the opposite.  It illustrates better than almost anything the heartbreaking nature of homelessness throughout the world.   Also, Jeffries' work makes the viewer focus on the fact that these homeless people are exactly that, PEOPLE.  The human element is unavoidable here.   Please take the time to look through his work.   I hope you will find it as moving as I did.