Fantastic Four Trailer

So it appears we've moved from all trailers being a copy of Inception's trailer ( BRAAAAAMMMMM ), to trailers being a copy of Interstellar's.   I'm okay with that.   How do I feel about Fantastic Four?   That's a bit tougher.  For a first teaser it looks pretty good.  My only fear is that it seems to take a very Nolan-esque route in it's storytelling; going much grittier, more serious, more dour.   For a franchise like Fantastic Four, oh I'm sorry "Fant4stic", I'm not sure if that is going to fly.   Josh Trank's Chronicle was a pretty cool found-footage take on the superhero genre, and the dude has some serious filmmaking chops, but nothing I've heard about this project makes me the least bit excited for it.   At least in this one Thing is made out of rocks and doesn't look like a goofy clay mask like he did last time.    Holding my judgement on this until the full trailer.