Cablevision to offer Wi-Fi based mobile phone service

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that New York area cable provider Cablevision is preparing to launch a Wi-Fi based mobile carrier.   The project is reportedly titled "Freewheel" and will offer Cablevision customers unlimited wifi based voice, data, and text for $9.99/mo.  

Considering how abysmally terrible their Long Island public Wi-Fi is,  I can't possibly see how this wouldn't be anything but a horrendous idea.  Even on a good day I have a difficult time connecting to any of the available Optimum wifi hotspots throughout Iong Island at any kind of reasonable speed.  How they think they can build a wireless network on that infrastructure baffles me.   I'll pass.

Posted on January 26, 2015 .

Star Trek: Axanar - Fan-films have come a LONG way.

Star Trek Axanar is a fan-production being put together by quite a few former Star Trek Cast and Crew members.   The video above is a small sample "documentary" of the universe they are working in,  covering the time between the end of Enterprise, and the beginnings of hostilities with the Klingons.   If this is the quality of production that can be expected in the final product, fans of Star Trek may have something to be excited about again soon.   Especially considering the abomination that was JJ Abrams' second Star Trek film.

Posted on January 25, 2015 .

The 2016 Presidential Clown Car is running into a ditch

Courtesy of ABC News

Courtesy of ABC News

Here's a pretty funny one from Politico.   Honestly, it's kind of a lame jab at the GOP.   Especially considering that the Democrats don't have much going on as far as interesting candidates themselves.  In fact, I can't remember an election in recent memory that had SO little of interest coming from either party.  

Honestly, who is the GOP going to run?  Jeb Bush?  Too left.  Mitt Romney?  Too Lame?   Donald Trump?!    It's a sad state of affairs.   The democrats aren't fairing much better, with only Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren getting any real traction.   The big shame is that the big two parties have made it almost an impossibility for any real third party candidate to get in front of people after Perot got too close for comfort in the early 90s.  (Of course remember that what they considered too close for comfort was a whopping 8.4% of the vote.)

Something tells me there are going to be a lot of people voting with their lack of vote in 2016.

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Images from yesterday's Carnival Vista event in NYC.

Had a great time yesterday at Carnival's Vista event at the time warner center in NYC.  My wife and I won a cruise on board the Vista as well.   Can't wait to check her out! 

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